Kenyan girl goes Keto!

June 13, 2020

Keto is a plan, trust me! Think seafood, think bacon and sausages, avocado and cheese!

I have tried a few diets in my lifetime, mostly out of pressure, never out of necessity. I’ve known how it feels to be small, underweight  even and I have experienced the ‘over weight’. I know what it feel like to starve yourself in the name of weightloss and the taste and suffering ‘slimming teas’ bring.

I have tried and failed numerous diets but my attempts were not in vain. I have combined numerous experriences, countless guides and several meal plans and that is why when I decided to put my faith in Keto I succeeded! 

Note, I am in no way a medical expert or a dietician! Also, it has to be said, Keto doesn’t work for everybody. It is not an easy fix or a miraculous step. It takes work, but when you combine it with Intermittent Fasting (IF), it works!

Apart from Carb restrictions, this fat based, protein and veggie filled diet is manageable and enjoyable! You can do it dirty where you can eat out and break down complex restaurant meals or strict where you can calculate and track your macros. The best thing about Keto is that you do not have to say goodbye to the butter, the bacon and those enjoyable cheat meals! Keto pizza, keto cake, keto icecream, keto lasagne, keto tortillas….I’m pretty sure there is a keto alternative for all my favorite meals.

Join me in  my keto journey and pick up a few tips and delicious recipes!

Find a few meal pics for inspiration below! Recipes to follow!

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